$6000 raised at Royal WeddingPHOTOS

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$6000 raised at Royal Wedding | PHOTOS ROYAL WEDDING CAST: Kelly Freeman, Brooke Cupples, Lain Montgomerie, Kayla Window, Peter Feltus (obscured), Shannon Bell, Phillip McEvoy, Aaron Riley, Zita Chester, Jesse Giles, Nathan Johnson and Nick Schumann.

CATCHING UP: The Queen and John Howard (Zita Chester and Neil Montgomerie) caught up.

GUESTS: Donna Feltus of Port Lincoln and Ebony Feltus of Elliston attended the wedding.

BRIDAL WALTZ: Elton John (Jesse Giles) performed Candle in the Wind for the bridal waltz.

WEDDING: Bishop Peter Feltus.

CAKE: The bride and groom cut the cake, Phillip McEvoy and Aaron Riley.

TELEGRAMS: Beatrice (Brooke Cupples) and Eugenie (Kelly Freeman) read the telegrams.

ROYAL WEDDING: Kayla Window and Zita Chester.

GREAT NIGHT: Mary-Jane Redden, Donna Whittenbury, Sandy Desira and Rae Toombs enjoyed the night.

FRIENDS: Bride Phillip McEvoy and Renae Edmunds.

WEDDING PLANNERS: Sue Montgomerie, Lain Montgomerie and Penny Hogan planned the event.

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