Bega Art Prize winner an emotional sketch of mother’s final days

Bega Art Prize for painting, drawing and ceramics 2014 winner, Susan Chancellor, with her work titled ‘Sitting with Pattie’.Pambula artist Susan Chancellor has won the prestigious 2014 Bega Art Prize with a series of emotional yet haunting drawings of her mother, Pattie, created in the final weeks of her life.
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Ms Chancellor believed the subject matter of her work, titled “Sitting with Pattie”, drawn before her mother died in a Pambula nursing home 18 months ago, would resonate with many people.

“They are quite raw drawings,” she said.

“They offer a narrative of the time near the end of life when loss of both the body and the conscious mind occurs.

“During the final weeks of my mother’s life I made daily visits to her and, in order to ward off the inevitable feelings of sadness, I began to make drawings of her with portable tools, a small book and a stick of charcoal.

“This prize is a wonderful memorial, a lasting legacy, to Mum,” she said.

Ms Chancellor said the drawings had sat in her studio for quite a while before she sorted them into two groups and decided to have them framed.

Archibald Prize winner and Bega Art Prize judge Nicholas Harding praised Ms Chancellor’s work.

Mr Harding said the winning work was an extraordinary act of familial love and understanding that had captured the awareness of imminent and inevitable loss with a “ruthlessly hungry artistic eye.”

Thursday night’s win in the $5000 Bega Art Prize caps off a big year for Ms Chancellor, who in October won the $15,000 Basil Sellers Art Prize in Moruya with her work “The Family Lounge”.

Ms Chancellor, aged 66, worked as a physiotherapist in Merimbula before taking the leap to become a full-time artist in the mid-1990s.

She also has an undergraduate degree in art and is halfway through a postgraduate degree at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Ann Brosnan’s work titled ‘Dry Dock at St Jean de Luz’ which won the Mailroom Prize.

The Bega Art Prize is the annual flagship fixture on the BVRG exhibition program and is open to artists from across the South East Arts region, showcasing the depth and breadth of regional art.

The $500 Mailroom Prize was awarded to Ann Brosnan, of Millingandi, for her oil on canvas titled “Dry Dock at St Jean de Luz”, reminiscent of the Eden Wharf half a world away.

This is the second time Ms Brosnan has won the Mailroom Prize.

The art prize also includes a $1000 South East Arts People’s Choice Award.

Vote for people’s choice online or view the exhibition at the gallery, which runs until January 24.

The BVRG will close at 4pm on Christmas Eve and reopen on January 2.

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Local bodyboard chief honoured

PASSIONATE: Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association (FTBA) president Aaron Dodds was recognised at the Australian Bodyboarding Awards held in Manly recently. He received a community award for all of his work with FTBA. THE president of Forster Tuncurry Bodyboard Association (FTBA) Aaron Dodds was recognised at Riptide Magazine’s Bodyboarder of the Year Awards in Sydney recently.
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Dodds was honoured for his dedication to the Australian bodyboarding community particularly for his work with FTBA with a community award.

“I was really unaware. I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Dodds said.

“I was a little bit lost for words to be honest. I was shocked.”

The award symbolises Aaron’s passion for grassroots bodyboarding and the workshops he has organised through the club for local kids such as the successful Boogie Youth Development Clinics which aims to inspire youth up and down the coast of NSW to lead a healthy lifestyle.

He is also the director of the Jeff Wilcox Memorial which pays homage to a local teen who tragically lost his battle with cancer.

“I would like to recognise the Worimi country and community for use of the local lands to educate, mentor and motivate the next generation and also my amazing wife Rebecca Dodds my children, my close friends and the committee.”

Dodds also thanked everyone involved in FTBA, Jeff Wilcox’s family and to all of the club’s supporters.

The awards ceremony was held in Manly in Sydney on Friday, December 5 and recognised some of the best performing male and female Australian bodyboarders throughout 2014 as well as those who have made positive contributions to the sport.

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Thank you Rex

IT was with great interest that I read your your article on Rex Clark that has taken me way back in time.
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I have just turned 88 years of age and knew Rex well. Rex and Noeline lived and rented a house on the corner of High Street and Campbell Street when they arrived in Wauchope.

My Mum and Dad (Arthur and Isobel Robins) owned this house and we lived next door.

There was a gate in the dividing fence for easy access.

I remember the day we were in the back yard and an aeroplane flew overhead. Barry who was very young said “is there mens in there?”

His wording was laughed about for many years.

I had recently left West Kempsey High School (travelled by train each day) and Rex suggested that I sit for a NSW state wide exam that was coming up for entry to the PMG Telecommunications Training college in Sydney, as he had done in earlier years.

I was successful and commenced training on January 3, 1943 for a five year course.

I rose up the technical ladder and was O.I.C. Technical in many areas but that of course is another story. This was all due to Rex Clark.

It is of interest that on December 10, 1984 I retired after some 42 years plus service and now in the Telecom era and today December 11, 2014, I celebrate 30 years or some 10,958 days of retirement.

Thank you Rex for another good deed.

Kind Regards,

Eric Robins


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Public forum disappointing

I ATTENDED a Public Forum last Wednesday, December 10 at the Wauchope Country Club.
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This “Engaging and Communicating With Our Community” Forum was arranged by the Port Macquarie Hastings Council.

To my disappointment there may have been a dozen people, other than the Council representatives, that attended.

Representing Council was the Mayor, 90% of Councillors ,the Council’s General Manager as well as senior Council Staff.

I believe that our community missed out on a great opportunity to address Council on many issues that affect this area.

The only major topic raised on the night was the Wauchope Pool. Although this is a very important issue and needs to be resolved there are many other factors that Wauchope and its local area need to address.

Just to list a few: how do we as a community address the importance of job creation for our children, especially those leaving school, whether they be apprenticeships, retail positions or otherwise; the issue regarding residential housing and where is the best area to expand; ways to attract more manufacturing to our region and issues that concern our famers.

There are many other topics that need discussing and/or debating.

After all, Council were there to hear the community’s needs and as a team work through these issues.

The more the public can air their concerns in such forums the better I feel that Council can work with the community.

I would hope that when next this Public Forum is offered that as many people as possible attend – not to be disruptive but to be constructive.

I would like to thank our Mayor, all Councillors and Council Staff for making their time available.

Yours Sincerely,

Patrick Cassegrain


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A good jam goes a long way

The Jam Man: Roger Adams with some of the jams and chutneys he makes on a near daily basis to raise money for Wauchope Hospital.FOUR years ago, Roger Adams, president of the Wauchope Hospital Volunteers had trouble telling his jams from his jellies.
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Faced with an out-of -control Choko vine in his back yard and some time on his hands, he consulted an old recipe book.

He decided to make some jam.

Last week he turned out over 200 jars of jam, chutney and pickles, slaving over a sticky hot stove from Sunday to Sunday.

It’s been an amazing journey for this local man who gives back nearly all the money raised to the Wauchope Memorial Hospital.

This year he has made over 1,700 jars of jams, pickles and chutney for a profit of nearly $6,500.Most of that goes straight back to the Wauchope Memorial Hospital.

His ‘hobby’ has taken on a life force of its own and the description of his kitchen and production line conjures images of ordered chaos with the amazing aromas of marmalade

wafting through the air.

“In the beginning I was doing it all my hand but of course this has changed over time,” explains Roger.

“I have invested in a variety of machinery including mix masters and special saucepans that have cut the preparation time significantly”.

He averages around 35 bottles in a week although this week, in the lead up to Christmas, the tally stands at 80.

Most of the bottles that range in price from 2 – $6 are sold at the Wauchope Hospital Volunteers stall and two local retail outlets; Dancing Fabrics in Port Macquarie and Lewis’ Butchery in Wauchope.

Roger also gives bottles to friends or uses his jams as currency to barter for ingredients and equipment for his next batch.

His jams have been given to other charities for fundraising and have been distributed to Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Melbourne.

“People are stopping me in the street now to ask ‘Are you the jam man?’, so I suppose I am getting a bit of a reputation,” said Roger.

“I will work with whatever is in season and will always have a go with what people give me.

“I may find myself returning home with a melon, a pumpkin and a stick of celery and wonder what I’ll do with it?’

“I add onion, salt, vinegar and sugar and some food green food dye and the next day it’s hello Halloween chutney!”

The successes include the popular winter and summer medleys, Passionfruit jam, Fig jam and the citrus combinations including carrot and lemon, lemon, ginger, passionfruit and orange.

The failures or ‘experiments’ have included anything containing Rockmelon or Pineapple.

“They just will not set.”

Thanks to friends, some known and some unknown, Roger manages to procure all the ingredients at a relatively low cost.

“The IGA are wonderful, they will give me a significant reduction on seconds and I have friends who donate ingredients like sugar or drop off their excess fruit and vegies.

“There is also a mysterious jar donor who leaves them by the box load on my doorstep.”

This hobby is time consuming but still incredibly rewarding and Roger is determined to keep it manageable despite the growing popularity of his product.

“I’m really very happy with how it is going and now I have a following of people but I won’t go into business.

“It wouldn’t be a hobby then would it?

“We are told to learn what you are good at and do it with faith, hope and love,” he explains.

“I’ve done that and just added some vinegar, salt and sugar and most of all a touch of spice”.

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Paintings raise money for shark attack victim Sean Pollard

Pam Teede, Lee Raper and Jackie Price of the Australind Art Club show off the two paintings donated for their fundraising raffle.COMMUNITY spirit was on full display when the Australind Art Club raised funds for Esperance shark attack victim Sean Pollard at their Christmas lunch last Wednesday.
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Instead of buying gifts for one another this year, members of the club each donated $10 to the appeal.

This teamed with a paintings raffle and 10 per cent of the funds raised at the group’s latest art exhibition totalled $2,572 raised.

The paintings for the raffle were donated by Robin Collier from New South Wales and Pam Teede of the Australind Art Club.

Mrs Teede was recently awarded the Dunsb- orough Lions art award.

Upon hearing about Mr Pollard’s shark attack, the club’s decision to donate to his appeal was an easy one.

“We saw it as needing to go that extra effort,” member Lee Raper said.

“We donate four times a year and this was a really easy choice.”

The group donates funds for each of their four exhibitions a year.

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Ellie to wear the green and gold

MEDAL WINNER: Ellie Johnston helped lead the NSW under-14s indoor netball team to victory at the Australian Junior Nationals held in Western Australia recently. Ellie is pictured with her medal from the championships.
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COOMBA Park’s Ellie Johnston helped lead the NSW under-14s indoor netball team to victory at the Australian Junior Nationals held in Western Australia recently.

Held in Perth from November 30 to December 6, Ellie played goal attack and goal shooter throughout the competition.

Ellie and her teammates were clinical in their execution and this was evident in the final with the girls defeating Queensland 43-38.

On the last night of the championships, teams were invited to a ceremony presentation where the Australian team was announced.

Ellie was the first to be selected out of 200 other girls for an 11-girl squad to compete at the Australian Internationals in Perth next year.

Ellie will be busy fundraising and seeking sponsorship to help her get the opportunity to play for Australia.

Ellie, who has been playing the sport since she was eight, said she is both nervous and excited with the prospect of playing for her country.

“I’m a little bit nervous. It’s a fun sport that I love playing,” she said.

“I’d like to progress, do more competitions and maybe one day play professionally.”

The only training Ellie and her team mates will have together will be a couple of days before the competition.

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Mackay finishes as a winner

SO STRONG: Alex Mackay confirmed his reputation as one of the best hockey players produced in the local area with his efforts in the NSW under 21s side. ALEX Mackay capped off a great year by winning the national indoor hockey championships with the NSW under 21s earlier this month.
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The NSW team went through the tournament in Canberra undefeated, winning the gold medal match against Western Australia 4-1.

On paper it looks like a reasonably convincing win, but the score was locked at nil-all until just before half-time.

They scored their first goal after 18 minutes and then grabbed a second on the stroke of half-time, taking a 2-nil lead into the break.

They added a third early in the second half and later increased their lead to four goals, before WA got a late consolation.

It is the second consecutive year Mackay has been a member of the winning team, after they took out the 2013 tournament in Wollongong.

PROUD MOMENT: Alex Mackay shows off the championship shield.

There are a number of differences between indoor and outdoor hockey, such as the speed, weight of the ball and the number of goals scored.

Mackay described it as being like hockey’s equivalent of Twenty20 cricket.

This was Mackay’s last hurrah in the under 21s division and he said winning the tournament was an unbelievable feeling.

“I knew we’d be strong, but the boys all gelled together, which was very pleasing,” he said.

“This was our last chance to play together, so I couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish,” he added.

Although he didn’t get on the score sheet in the final, Mackay netted four goals during the tournament.

“That was a bit of a surprise, I’m not really renowned for it,” he laughed.

“I was just in the right place at the right time, I’m more about the assists usually,” he added.

Mackay will be too old for under 21s next year, so is hoping he can make the open’s team next year, who have now won seven titles in a row.

All in all, it has been a very successful year for Mackay.

In the Illawarra competition, his University of Wollongong team won another grand final, and he won a title in Sydney first grade with Moorebank Liverpool.

He also won the country championships with NSW in outdoor.

Normally Mackay would spend his summer’s playing cricket with Bomaderry, but had opted to take a break this season so he will be ready to go when hockey comes around again next year.

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Long time clubman to lead South Bunbury

New South Bunbury assistant league coach Brendan Marshall, head coach Mark Docking and president Jeff Hayres.FOOTBALL: The position changes at the South Bunbury Football Club keep on coming after long time clubman Jeff Hayres was voted in as president at the club’s AGM on Saturday night.
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Hayres has spent the last two years as board director at the club and will replace Bevan Buswell at the helm.

He has been with the club since his junior days started as an under 10s footballer and he went on to play in both a colts and a league premiership with the red and white.

The aim of the club’s board is to continue the strong work already put in place by those before them, which Hayres has placed importance on.

“We’re really focused on continuing the good work put in place by the board members the past few years,” he said.

“It’s about honouring them – we’re in a really strong position at the moment and we want to continue with that.”

As for on the field, Hayres said the club’s league side is focused on finishing in the top three and being fiercely competitive in the coming season.

“Our goal is to finish within the top three and then we can go from there,” he said.

“We understand that it is very, very hard to win grand finals, so our goal from the outset is simply to play strong football.”

The change at presidency comes just two weeks after a new league and colts coach were announced for South Bunbury with Mark Docking and Barry Gresham taking the respective positions.

Former Collie Eagle Brendan Marshall has also joined the Tigers, taking up a role as assistant league coach.

Marshall played in 175 games as a Collie Eagle, collecting three best and fairest awards, two premierships and a Pike medal in more than 10 years with the club.

Hayres said the club has welcomed the experience Marshall brings to their coaching panel.

“Brendan brings a lot of big game experience to our coaching staff that we think will help,” he said.

“We’re working hard with coaches and volunteers around the club and we’re looking forward to 2015.”

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A community approach to tackling youth issues

Whyalla Community Partnership recently enlisted the help of UniSA business development manager Adele Flego. Pictured were (from left) UniSA department of rural health manager Mellissa Kruger, UniSA department of rural health mental health academic Lee Martinez, UniSA business development manager Adele Flego, Department for Education and Child Development manager support services Jeanette Conroy, Department for Education and Child Development education director Ian May and Community and Recreation Field officer Alberto Salatino.A community collaboration to tackle local youth issues has gained momentum.
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The Whyalla Community Partnership (WCP) is making strong progress with its development of a funding application for $1 million through a new national philanthropic initiative, the Search.

To further support the application being successful, the forum recently enlisted the support of UniSA business development manager Adele Flego.

WCP member Lee Martinez said Ms Flego flew to Whyalla from Adelaide this month to meet with the group and help progress the funding application due in February 2015.

“Adele, in a consultancy role brings expert knowledge and experience in successfully submitting grant applications on a national level,” Ms Martinez said.

“Adele is assisting the WCP working party with the engagement of a broad range of funders, stakeholders and relevant individuals with the aim of raising awareness and building public goodwill to the social challenge the WCP are trying to address.”

In April this year, a community partnership planning forum was held to identify joint community actions to improve the health, wellbeing and education outcomes for children and young people in the community.

A population level plan was developed with three priority action areas to be addressed over the next two years and indicators to measure success.

The three areas of focus included increasing attendance and engagement at all Department for Education and Child Development sites; exploring alternative learning opportunities for young people, such as the development of a community learning hub, and to increase accessible, affordable youth friendly health services in Whyalla.

Ms Martinez said this worthwhile and collaborative initiative was bringing people and organisations together rather than working in isolation from one another.

“This is an extremely exciting opportunity for Whyalla to come together as a community to improve the wellbeing of the young people who live here and at the same time improve the wellbeing of the whole community because we are doing something that will be owned by the Whyalla community,” Ms Martinez said.

Ms Martinez said the forum was positive about its funding application but either way, it would still be working collaboratively to implement, monitor and report on the identified actions.

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