Ballarat woman Whitney Beseler’s Burger Ring blooper on Millionaire Hotseat

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Whitney Beseler on Tuesday night’s episode. PICTURE: CHANNEL NINE BURGER Rings are a delicious chip.

But one Ballarat woman will never be able to stomach them again after a TVblooper which has left her the butt of jokes across the nation.

Whitney Beseler appeared onChannel Nine’s Millionaire Hotseaton Tuesday night when the first question – generally the easiest – stumped her in brilliant fashion.

“Which of these is not a piece of jewellery commonly worn to symbolise a relationship between two people,” asked host Eddie McGuire.

The options: A, Engagement ring,B, Anniversary ring,C, Wedding ring and D, Burger ring.

Within seconds a confident Ms Beselerhad locked in B, Anniversary ring, quickly realising she’dmade one hell of a mistake.

“Oh my god, Eddie, that is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me before,” she said in a fluster.

Ms Beseler spoke to The Courier on Wednesday and said she was shocked bythe negativity her answercreated.

“Some of the things people are saying about me have just been shocking,” she said.

“It’s hard to believe people can be like that.”

The teacher said the show was filmed in October, adding it hadn’t been an anxious wait until it aired this week.

“I honestly wasn’t worried about it,” she said.

“It was one of the funniest things to ever happen in my life and it will always be such a great story.

“If this can make people smileafter the tragic events in Sydneythis week, well that’s a great thing.”

As for Eddie, she said he told her after the show it had made for brilliant television.

“After the show he walked up top me, high fived my hand and said itwas the funniest thing he’d ever seen on the show,” she said.

“So that’s why I wasn’t worried.”

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