New vision for Roxby traders

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VISION: Katalin Wilby is the new chairperson of the Roxby Downs Traders Association.

Katalin Wilby is a lady who has a plan and intends to work it.

The newly appointed Roxby Downs Traders Association chairperson is a passionate advocate for her community and wants to rebuild confidence in the retail sector of Roxby Downs.

“I’m one of those people who when the going gets tough you dig harder and work harder,” she said.

“That’s the way I’ve always worked and I always look to get good things happening.

“Being proactive is the way I have always worked.”

Proprietor of Roxby Travel and Cruise, Ms Wilby is a successful business person in her own right and understands without a plan and a little hard work there is no future.

“We [the Traders Association] haven’t had a business plan as such, so that is something I am working to develop,” she said.

“I am working on building relationships between the Traders Association, managing agents Savills, the forums and groups including the council.”

Liaising with Roxby Downs Council’s community projects officer (business development) Lisa Hewerdine, Ms Wilby is gathering information in response to community concerns about local business.

“It is important to listen to what the traders and the communities wants and needs are,” Ms Wilby stressed.

“And as traders we need to focus on where we see ourselves in the future and how best we can support ourselves and the community.”

To do that Ms Wilby is adamant the Traders Association need to plan for the future and she will make appropriate suggestions in consultation with major stakeholders when her fact finding mission concludes.

“I think we have some fantastic business people in this town and we [the traders] need to support each other,” she said.

“And it’s time to put down what our vision is for the future.”

Ms Wilby believes a united front is needed to deal with the ups and downs of living in a mining town and with the right approach, existing businesses can survive and new business to Roxby can be encouraged.

“It will take time,” she said.

“I love Roxby, Ive grown up here and I’m passionate about it, so I’m keen to develop business here.

“I think traders need to work together to provide the leadership in helping develop business in this town.”

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