Tasmanian man gets sent his lost wallet from ‘Santa’ – with cash still inside

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You know that feeling when you lose your wallet. Your blood starts boiling, contemplating the hours of your life that have just been sucked into that parallel universe existing solely for people who need to replace ‘life’ cards.

The queue to get your drivers licence back at that place that unnecessarily changed its name and now you don’t know what to Google. The seven business days you have to wait for your can’t-live-without bank card to be posted. Then think of a new pin that you won’t forget in two seconds. Then sign the back with that signature that gets sloppier every year and you fear one day someone will pull you up on it.

That’s if you get past the initial identification process: “Please tell me your full name, date of birth, current and previous addresses for the past 10 years, colour of your most recent pet’s fur, number of times you’ve been to the toilet in your life”.

Not to mention the cash you lost. Argh. And Christmas is around the corner.

And you just know you’ll never get it back.

Unless you’re Damien Walker, whose Christmas came early when he checked his mail box on Tuesday to find his lost wallet had been express posted to him by “Santa Claus”. With all the cash still inside. So guess which idiot lost his wallet in Hobart last week. Hint: The same idiot now believes in Christmas miracles. pic.twitter南京夜网/I85cdlj1vh — Damien Walker (@DamienCWalker) December 16, 2014This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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